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Pitco Frialator, SE14X-1FD, Fryer, Electric, Floor Model, Full Pot

  • Solstice Prepackaged Fryer System with Solstice Solo Filter System
  • electric
  • 40-50 lb. oil capacity full tank
  • solid state controls
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Culinary excellence in every dish starts with the Pitco Frialator SE14X-1FD Fryer. This electric, floor model fryer is designed to meet the demands of a busy commercial restaurant kitchen. With a 40-50 lb. oil capacity, it can handle high-volume frying with ease. The Solstice Prepackaged Fryer System ensures efficient and consistent frying results, while the Solstice Solo Filter System keeps the oil clean for longer, reducing costs and improving the quality of your fried foods. The solid state controls allow for precise temperature adjustments, and the drain valve interlock ensures safe and easy oil drainage. Made with stainless steel tanks, front, and sides, this fryer is built to withstand the rigors of a commercial kitchen. Plus, it is ENERGY STAR certified, UL listed, NSF approved, and CE compliant, guaranteeing its reliability and efficiency. Elevate your frying game with the Pitco Frialator SE14X-1FD Fryer.

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