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Glastender, LSA-D, Blender Stations

  • 19 deep left side splash (BSB & DBSB models)
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Elevate discreetly with Glastender’s LSA-D Blender Stations. Designed specifically for commercial restaurant use, these blender stations are a must-have addition to any professional kitchen. With a 19″ deep left side splash, these stations provide a convenient and efficient workspace for blending and mixing ingredients. Crafted by Glastender, a trusted name in the industry, these blender stations are built to last. Each unit is packed with precision and attention to detail, ensuring durability and reliability in a fast-paced restaurant environment. The LSA-D Blender Stations come in a single unit per case, making it easy to integrate into your existing setup. Whether you’re blending smoothies, creating signature cocktails, or whipping up sauces and dressings, these blender stations offer the perfect solution. They provide a seamless and organized workflow, allowing your staff to work efficiently and deliver exceptional results. Elevate your restaurant’s beverage and culinary offerings with Glastender’s LSA-D Blender Stations.

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