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Glastender, FOF-B, Blender Stations

  • Convert to foot-operated backsplash faucet for BSA-12
  • BSA-18-RF
  • and BSB-12 models
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Elevate functionality with ease using the Glastender FOF-B Blender Stations. Designed specifically for commercial restaurant use, this blender station from Glastender is a game-changer in the kitchen. With its foot-operated backsplash faucet conversion feature, it offers convenience and efficiency like no other. Whether you’re using the BSA-12, BSA-18-RF, or BSB-12 models, this blender station is the perfect addition to your restaurant setup. The Glastender FOF-B Blender Stations come packed with one unit per case, ensuring you have everything you need to enhance your restaurant’s workflow. Its user-friendly design allows for seamless operation, saving you time and effort. From blending smoothies to creating delicious sauces, this blender station is a versatile tool that will revolutionize your kitchen. Trust Glastender, a reputable vendor in the industry, to deliver a high-quality product that meets your restaurant’s needs. Upgrade your restaurant’s functionality and efficiency with the Glastender FOF-B Blender Stations today.

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