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Frymaster, SCFHD360G, Fryer, Gas, Multiple Battery

  • Decathlon HD Series Fryer Battery
  • gas
  • (3) 80 lb. capacity each
  • built-in filtration
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Innovation Meets Kitchen Essentials with the Frymaster SCFHD360G Gas Fryer. This fryer battery from Frymaster is designed to meet the demands of commercial restaurant kitchens. With a tube-type design and a capacity of 80 lbs per fryer, this fryer battery allows for efficient frying of large quantities of food. The built-in filtration system ensures that the oil stays clean and extends its lifespan, while the automatic melt cycle and boil-out temperature control make maintenance a breeze. The electronic ignition provides easy and reliable startup, and the included rack-type basket support, basket hanger, and twin baskets offer convenience and versatility. Safety is also a priority, with a drain safety switch and stainless steel construction. With a powerful 375,000 BTU, this fryer battery is NSF and CSA certified, making it a reliable and efficient choice for any commercial kitchen.

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