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Blodgett, 961P SINGLE, Pizza Bake Oven, Deck-Type, Gas

  • Pizza Oven
  • deck-type
  • gas
  • 42″W x 32″D deck interior
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Fuel your restaurant’s success with the Blodgett 961P SINGLE Pizza Bake Oven. This deck-type gas oven is designed to meet the demands of a busy commercial kitchen. With a spacious 42″W x 32″D deck interior, you can easily cook multiple pizzas at once, increasing your productivity and serving more customers in less time. The (FDTH) 300-650F mechanical thermostat ensures precise temperature control, allowing you to achieve the perfect crust every time. The QHT Rokite deck and crown angle trim provide excellent heat retention and distribution, resulting in evenly cooked pizzas with a crispy, golden crust. The counter-balanced door with concealed hinges makes it easy to access the oven without disrupting the cooking process. Made with a durable stainless steel construction, this oven is built to withstand the rigors of a commercial kitchen. The Blodgett 961P SINGLE Pizza Bake Oven is NSF and CE certified, guaranteeing its quality and safety. Upgrade your pizza-making capabilities with this reliable and efficient oven.

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