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AmeriKooler, QF060877**FBRM-O, Walk In Freezer, Modular, Remote

  • Selling Units Per Case: 1 ea
  • Outdoor Quick Ship Walk-in Freezer With Floor
  • 5-10 5/8″ W x 7-9 1/4″ L x 7-7″ H 4 thick AK-XPS4 insulation providing R-29 for coolers and R-32 for freezers
  • ceiling & doors
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Elegance Meets Cooling with AmeriKooler’s QF060877**FBRM-O Walk In Freezer. This outdoor quick ship freezer is perfect for commercial restaurant use, offering ample space and exceptional insulation. With dimensions of 5-10 5/8″ W x 7-9 1/4″ L x 7-7″ H, it provides a spacious environment for storing perishable items. The 4-inch thick AK-XPS4 insulation ensures optimal temperature control, with R-29 for coolers and R-32 for freezers. The stucco embossed Acrylume surfaces not only resist corrosion but also add a touch of elegance to your establishment. The NSF aluminum floor can withstand a load of 600 lbs./sq. ft., making it perfect for heavy-duty use. Equipped with a self-closing door, a digital LED thermometer, and a prewired vapor-proof light fixture, this freezer offers convenience and efficiency. The 1 1/2 HP outdoor remote refrigeration system ensures reliable cooling even in high ambient temperatures. Made in the USA and backed by a 50-year R-value warranty, AmeriKooler’s QF060877**FBRM-O is the ideal choice for commercial restaurant owners seeking a durable and efficient walk-in freezer.

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