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Star, QCS1-350 (CSA), Conveyor Toaster

  • 1.5″ OPENING
  • 500 SLICES/HR
  • 120V (CSA)
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Unleash your kitchen’s potential with the Star QCS1-350 (CSA) Conveyor Toaster. This compact and efficient toaster is designed to meet the demands of a busy commercial restaurant. With a 1.5″ opening, it can toast up to 500 slices per hour, ensuring that your customers are served quickly and efficiently. The 120V power supply and 5-15P plug make it easy to integrate into your existing kitchen setup. The Star QCS1-350 (CSA) Conveyor Toaster is packed with features that make it perfect for a commercial restaurant setting. The conveyor belt ensures even toasting, while the adjustable speed control allows you to customize the toasting process to meet your specific needs. The toaster is also easy to clean, with a removable crumb tray that catches any crumbs or debris. Upgrade your kitchen with the Star QCS1-350 (CSA) Conveyor Toaster and experience the difference it can make in your restaurant’s efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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