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Frymaster, FMJ350, Fryer, Gas, Multiple Battery

  • Performance Fryer Battery
  • gas
  • (3) 50 lb. oil capacity each
  • built-in filtration
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Unleash Culinary Expertise with the Frymaster FMJ350 Gas Fryer. Designed for commercial restaurant use, this performance fryer battery is a game-changer in the kitchen. With three frypots, each capable of holding 50 pounds of oil, you can efficiently cook large quantities of food to perfection. The built-in filtration system ensures that your oil stays clean and fresh, while the open frypot design allows for easy access and cleaning. The millivolt controller and centerline fast-action temperature probe guarantee precise cooking results every time. The EZSpark ignitor and thermostat knob behind the front panel make operation a breeze. Plus, the over-the-flue basket hangers, rack-type basket support, and included twin baskets provide convenience and versatility. Made with stainless steel, this fryer is durable and easy to maintain. With a powerful 366,000 BTU, NSF, CSA, CSA Star, and cCSAus certifications, the Frymaster FMJ350 is the ultimate choice for any commercial kitchen.

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