• Finalize Layout: Review the initial equipment design with you, finalize it, and provide an itemized equipment schedule.
• Mechanical and Electrical Drawings: Provide equipment, plumbing, and electrical drawings for the approved design.
• Cut Sheets: Provide a catalog of cut sheets for all specified equipment for owner and architect review.
• Budget: Provide a detailed budget.
• Final Meeting:  Meeting with your team and ours to resolve any outstanding concerns
• Final Documents: Final documents and specifications are prepared and submitted.

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When it comes to designing a new commercial kitchen or renovating an existing space, business owners and managers can easily feel confused and overwhelmed. Therefore, it’s very important to understand the commercial remodeling process and work with a team that has experience in a wide variety of commercial renovations.  At SRES, we have the experience and expertise to guide you through the entire process. We can help with individual elements of the project or serve as the liaison between you and your architect, contractor and interior designer.

Design Services:

Do you want to create a professional, easy to work in kitchen that meets your cooking and serving needs while meeting the latest codes and your budget requirements? Our professional design team can bring your concepts to reality, from site assessment, to facility needs, to value engineering, and installation. Our professionals provide the latest CAD design through integration with today's high standards of kitchen design. The Saratoga Restaurant Equipment Sales Design Team can turn your ideas into a functional state-of-the-art kitchen facility.
Preliminary Planning Services Include:
• Site Assessment: Visit your site to determine any unique design requirements.
• Needs Assessment: Meet with you, your architect and contractor to review your concept, space and equipment preferences.
• Preliminary Layout: Provide preliminary drawing layout(s) for owner approval and architect compliance.
• Value Engineering: Review your existing equipment for potential reuse.
• Compliance: Work with the local health department to “pre-approve” your design.

Design Development:

Our design development process brings your ideas to fruition. Once your design layout is finalized, our team of professionals will develop the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing layouts. Final submittals include cutsheets, approved drawings and budget details.

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Turnkey Satisfaction:

In addition to design and consulting services, we offer turnkey project services—satisfaction from the initial design through project management, installation, and repeat equipment and supplies needs.

    • Project Management
    • Equipment Procurement
    • Delivery
    • Installation
    • Smallwares
    • Front of the House Equipment
    • Ongoing Equipment and Supplies
    • Service
Construction Documents, Construction Phase and Closeout:
    • Construction Documents: Final layout, mechanical, electrical drawings and an itemized equipment schedule are provided.
    • Compliance Review: Review contractor submittals and contract documents and address any potential concerns.
    • Procurement and Installation: Procurement and installation services are available.
    • Inspection:  We inspect the construction site, installation, and equipment as built,
     and provide punch lists and reports to you, the architect, and construction manager as needed.